Monday, 14 September 2015

SSAFA Support for Homeless Armed Forces Veterans

There's no question that life after the Forces can be challenging. At SSAFA we know that significant number of veterans find themselves on the streets so we have developed specialist services to support them.

For some service life can put a strain on relationships leading to divorce. A lack of experience in dealing with every day finances can quickly get people into trouble too. Mental health problems, sometimes relating to military service such as PTSD, can also increase the risk of homelessness with sufferers facing addiction and unemployment.

Getting veterans back on their feet

As a priority our team provide food, clothing and shelter for veterans who find themselves homeless. We then look to see what other support we can provide to get someone off the street.

Importantly, our network of volunteers outside of London, as well as our wider welfare services mean that SSAFA is there for our veterans as they rebuild their lives. For someone moving into a new home or kicking an addiction, our support and funding is an essential part of their journey.

Call our Housing Advisors on 020 7463 9398 or send us an online enquiry.

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